Superbia Credit Union is the first ever Profit-for-Purpose financial institution that exists solely to serve and advocate for the LGBTQ community across the country. 


Opening its virtual doors in early 2020, Superbia credit union is owned and guided by its members.  An inclusive organization, anyone in support of the LGBTQ affirming mission is welcomed to join and become a member.


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What will Superbia stand for?

Superbia Credit Union is passionate about serving its members and providing  equal opportunity for the LGBTQ community in financial services, knowing this results in the direct advancement of community rights.

We will Serve our member is three important ways


1. Provide access to fair, non-discriminatory products and services that care for the unique needs of the LGBTQ community, delivered within an affirming experience. 

2. Put profit back into the operation of the credit union to further remove fees, provide more favorable rates, and fund special member benefits. 

3. Award up to 30% of profit directly to LGBTQ organizations, initiatives and community needs locally and across the country. 

We are an extraordinary community

Our families, lives and financial journeys  are vast and unique.  The products we need and how we are communicated with should reflect our community, using our values as we determine.


You are extraordinary 

Being extraordinary happens each time you are moved to support our community. You do this each time you've used courage to speak up, or to raise your hand and be counted. 

Now is the time to raise your hand and demonstrate the need for Superbia Credit Union.  


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Credit Unions versus Banks

Banks and credit unions both provide banking services. 

The big difference is in the Mission.

A banks mission is to deliver profit to a very select group of

investors and shareholders.

A credit unions mission is to deliver profit to their member community

that adds value to the lives of their members (product holders).

In some ways,
a credit union is like a bank:

  • -- Accept deposits and investments.
  • -- Exchange currencies, clear checks, and transfer funds.
  • -- Provide access to your money, via branch, on-line,
  •     mobile devices, and ATMs.
  • -- Offer mortgages, lines of credit, loans, and credit cards.
  • -- Regulate its business to produce a profit.
  • -- Operate within the bounds of the law and regulatory requirements.
  • -- Provide a safe and secure place to save and borrow.

In many ways,
a credit union is not like a bank: 


--Credit unions are organized to serve a particular member group,

    region, or industry.

-- Each member equally owns a share of the credit union.

-- Members vote to elect the leadership of the credit union.

-- Profit made by the credit union is reinvested to benefit its member community.

-- Credit unions typically provide higher interest rates on savings and lower interest rates on loans.

-- Generally lower and fewer service fees.


I Want an Extraordinary Credit Union!

Myles Meyers

Superbia Services founder and visionary

I've had an extensive career in financial services, and have worked to bring increased wealth and greater financial security to people in many parts of the world.

Today, I continue to strive to enrich the lives of others through the vision and development of the first credit union dedicated to serving the LGBTQ community across the country.

Why has this not been done before?

Great question! There is no single or simple answer, but more importantly, the better question is 'why must it continue?' Times have changed, and the time to act has come. And we need YOU.

I believe that the LGBTQ community can and should organize itself in a way like never before, and to use our own considerable economic power to OUR full advantage.

I was inspired to start Superbia Credit Union to address the lag in financial services products, services, and the customer experience that are not reflecting the needs of the LGBTQ community - And eliminate the current risks of intolerance and discrimination.

I have more than 25 years of financial services experience, and have developed a large network of proven profit-makers and social-cause advocates. With Superbia Credit Union, YOU and I can demonstrate the immense power of our community in a new way, and how we can use our money to bring about sustainable and extraordinary change.

Fueled by the uncertainty of today's geopolitical complexities, I am devoted to the success and purpose of Superbia Credit Union.


We are an extraordinary community

Your help is needed as your support is vital to bring Superbia Credit Union to life.

To gain the ear of the finance industry and the regulators that govern credit unions, Superbia Credit Union will demonstrate , the need, and the voice of the LGBTQ community.

We must speak up and and speak directly to the point: Our vision of an LGBTQ-focused credit union is not a luxury, but a necessity.

You can make extraordinary change happen by signing up today. So when Superbia Credit Union opens its doors in early 2020, you can be the first to know!  And please, spread the word to everyone you know, so they can stand with us.

It takes the power of all of us to disrupt the status quo. 

Start extraordinary change now

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